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How do I schedule an appointment?

Each month, I will create a Doodle where you can make your appointment with me. There are 1 hour blocks - you may schedule more than one at a time. Please include your email and preferred meeting place. Let me know if you would prefer to communicate over Skype.

July Doodle

What if I don't live in Sarasota?

No problem! We can always Skype - which you will need to schedule an appointment on Doodle, OR we can communicate through emails, which requires no appointment.

Where do we meet?

It is variable. When the Fruitville Library is open, I would like to utilize a quiet room or the garden area there as much as possible. When the library is closed, we can meet at a public place of our agreement - a Starbucks or other cafe, a park, other library, etc.

What's a typical session like?

First, we will get to know each other & talk about your goals. Depending on the service, I will have a worksheet to send you to fill out before meeting. We will discuss that and then negotiate a contract. This will take about half an hour to an hour. Then, the work begins! How the session goes after that is very dependent on that aforementioned conversation.

How do I pay you?

For now, I can only accept cash, check or money order. However, I am working on setting up a PayPal card reader scenario. Invoices are digital only and will be emailed.

What's the best way to contact you?

Text or call (315)863-4530. Email ashley@ashleydenardo.com.

Do you have a sample contract?

Yes! Here is a sample of a Consulting Contract.

Consulting Contract